Memorable Events

Memorable Events of Novocherkassk

18 (30) May 1805 – The official date of the foundation of Novocherkassk by the ataman Ivan Matveyevich Platov. The laying of the foundation stone and the consecration of the new capital of the Don Cossacks took place on the great Orthodox holiday of the Ascension of Our Lord. The previous capital was situated in the city of Cherkassk, what is now the Staniza (Settlement) Starocherkasskaya.

1805 – Begins the building of the Military Ascension Cathedral

9 May 1806 – The military office of the Don troops moves to Novocherkassk

– The erection of the triumphal arches (the project by the architect Vassily Kulikov) on the occasion of the visit of the emperor Alexander I. the first printing office on Don is established.

3 January 1818
– The death of the city’s founder ataman Platov

– The first newspaper on Don begins issuing.

1853 – The monument to the city’s founder Platov is created (sculptors P.K. Klott, A.A. Ivanov, N.A. Tokarev)

1854 – The Alexander’s Garden is laid out

– The first public library is opened

1863 – After the project of the academic of architecture I.O. Valprede, the Ataman’s Palace is built. At different periods, the palace served as the residence both of the Don atamans and of the visiting Russian tsars.

29 December 1863 – The opening ceremony of the Don railroad

1865 – The opening of the water supply system in Novocherkassk

6 May 1885 – The Don Military School is founded

4 October 1886 – The first telephone begins functioning in Novocherkassk

1896 – The Church of the Alexander Nevsky is opened

22 November 1899
– On the initiative of the Society of Lovers of the Don’s History, the Museum of the History of Don Cossacks is opened (architect A.A. Yashchenko).

1900 – The city’s sewage system begins working

1902 – A diesel power plant is built

6 May 1904 – The monument of Yermak is opened

6 May 1905 – The Military Ascension Cathedral is opened and consecrated

5 October 1907 – The Don Polytechnic Institute is opened

1907 – The city’s first cinema “Pate” is opened

1909 – The Cossack Theatre of Drama and Comedy named after the actress V.F. Komessarzhevskaya is opened (architect A.M. Beketov)

– A bus line begins working

1913 – The first city Duma is elected

29 January 1918 – The famous ataman A.M. Kaledin shoots himself in the Ataman’s Palace

7 January 1920 – The Soviet rule comes to power in the city. During the civil war, Novocherkassk is the strong point of the White Movement. The city’s population doubles. During the war, the city is occupied in turns by both parties.

– The monument to M.I. Platov is removed

14 June 1925 – The city’s stadium is opened

1930 – The building of the Southern Russian State Technical University is finished.

1932 – Begins the construction of the engine-building plant.

25 July 1942 – The city is occupied by the fascist troops

22 February 1943 – Novocherkassk is liberated by the Red Army

1956 – The house museum of the battle painter Matvei Borisovich Grekov is opened

1961 – Begins the building of the main block of the hydropower plant

2 June 1962 – Protest marches of the workers unsatisfied with their economic state. The marches are cruelly suppressed with the help of the military troops. In 1991, a monument is built and consecrated at the place of these tragic events.

1 September 1963 – A planetarium is opened in Novocherkassk

1967 – A monument to Podtelkov and Krivoshlykov is built

1979 – The house museum of the landscape painter Ivan Ivanovich Krylov is opened

1980 – The Barrow of Glory is opened in the city’s park

12 April 1982 – The monument to the honoured citizen of Novocherkassk Yuri Gagarin is opened

October 1991 – The great Cossack meeting takes place where Novocherkassk is announced the historical and modern centre of the Don Cossacks

18 July 1993 – Novocherkassk is announced the capital of Cossacks all over the world. The city lost this status on January 7th, 1920, when Bolsheviks seized the power in Novocherkassk.

16 May 1993 – The monument to Platov is restored

20 October 1999 – For the first time after 1917, the archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk Panteleimon consecrates the Ataman’s Palace in Novocherkassk and gives his blessing to the Cossack troops.

6 June 2008
– The modern emblem of Novocherkassk is approved. It is created on the basis of the historic emblem of 1803. The Cossack regalia are depicted upon a four-fielded shield (dark red, silver, silver, azure) with the two-headed black eagle.

14 October 2009 – On the day of the Don troops (celebrated yearly on the feast of the protecting veil of the Mother of God) the Divine Liturgy in the Ascension Cathedral is conducted by the Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia Cyril.

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