Historical city excursion

In 1805, as the celebrated ataman and the hero of the 1812 patriotic war count Matwei Ivanovich Platov (on the picture) was in the process of founding the new capital of the Don Cossacks, he engaged the famous military engineer Francois de Wollant in the development of the general plan. De Wollant successfully integrated the city’s layout into the area’s natural landscape. The backbone of the austere classical layout of Novocherkassk is the three main streets or Prospects: Platovsky, Yermakovsky and Baklanovsky. The prospects are connected with each other through spacious squares, with smaller streets radiating from them. The unitary planning of the city allowed to avoid chaotic building and to integrate all the buildings into an expressive ensemble.

The history of the Don Cossacks

In the years of democratic reforms, the revival of the Don Cossacks began. Preserving the traditions of Cossack service to the fatherland and the cultural values of the Don Land, the Cossacks of Novocherkassk do their best to help the revival of Cossacks and strengthen the status of their city – the modern Cossack capital of Don, Russia and the world.

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