Mayor of Novocherkassk

Official sign on the Мayor of Novocherkassk

On the obverse of the mayor’s sign an eagle is imprinted representing the property of Russia, beneath it is the emblem of Novocherkassk. On the both sides of the emblem, there are bands radiating from the eagle’s claws. Together with the eagle’s hanging wings, the bands symbolize the protection of the state. There is a bunch of grapes attached to the lower part of the sign, symbolising life and prosperity.
On the reverse of the sign there can be seen the Ascension Cathedral of Novocherkassk, representing spirituality. On both sides of the cathedral there are ears of wheat – wellbeing and abundance. Below, the word “Novocherkassk” is written; above, the date of the city’s foundation – “1805”.
The sign is made of silver and decorated with precious and semiprecious stones; the Novocherkassk’s emblem is gilded. The sign is worn on the chest, over the suit. It hangs from a massive chain made out of silver rectangular links and decorated with gemstones. Each rectangle will carry the name of every mayor of Novocherkassk and the dates of his or her administration.
The sign is the municipal property. After the mayor’s term of office expires, it must be returned to the city’s Duma.  The mayor should wear the sign to the meetings of the Duma, official receptions and other ceremonies.

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