Present-day Novocherkassk

The population

Novocherkassk regular citizens are 170,7 thousand people. It is remarkable, that one third of the population are children and students, one third – adults, and one third – retirees. The town is inhabited by people of 88 nationalities, the majority of them being the Russian. Also there are 60 thousand of war and labor veterans, 50 thousand students, 48 thousand industry, commerce and service workers.

Economy and industry

Novocherkassk is one of the industrial and economic centres of the Don land. The city has small, middle and large enterprises, construction companies, food and light industry enterprises, transport and life support firms, and banks.

Social sphere

Establishing of state institutions aimed at assisting the socially unprotected groups on Don dates back to the rule of the empress Katherine II.

Public health services

The city’s health care strategy is aimed, above all, at the more affordable and quality health services, diminishing of the social consequences of diseases, decrease in death rate, and increase of the average lifetime.

Science and education

In Novocherkassk, there are 3 institutions of higher education, 10 colleges and technical schools, 3 specialized schools, 10 municipal complementary educational institutions for children, 46 municipal primary schools, 24 municipal secondary schools.


In Novocherkassk, there are 7 establishments for leisure and entertainment (2 departmental and 5 municipal ones). These are multifunctional public cultural establishments. The workers of these establishments organize cultural entertainment and help people to realize themselves in creative ways.


There are 345 sport facilities of different kinds in Novocherkassk: 4 stadiums, 151 sports grounds, 56 gyms, The Ice Sports Palace, a track and field events facility, 2 swimming pools, 17 shooting galleries, rowing facilities. 442 persons work in the sports sphere of the city.


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