Triumphal Arches – Northern, Western

The first thing noticed by a person, entering Novocherkassk is the magnificent Triumphal Arches. The decision of the two Triumphal Arches construction was made by the Ataman M.I. Platov in 1817, due to the visit of Emperor Alexander I (two arches were erected, as he did not know for sure, from which side the Emperor would come to the town, from the western, i.e. by the old Rostov road, or from the north-eastern side, i.e. by the Moscow high road).

The Ataman Palace

The building design and construction was carried out by academician I.O. Valprede. The building façade design is elaborated in the typical classicism style. The doubled attached columns at the corner edges, connected with the hinge balcony with cast-iron blackest, decorated by cast grating; entrances, designed as open portals, - these features created the magnificent palace image.

Novocherkassk Army Ascension Cathedral

One of the most remarkable places of interest in Novocherkassk is the Ascension Cathedral, founded and consecrated in 1805, on the day of town’s foundation, dedicated to the Holy Ascension-Day. However, the construction works after the project by architect Alozij Ruska began only on October 1, 1811. The construction works were guided by the architect’s brother Jeronim Ruska. By the year 1818, the brothers Ruska left Russia and the construction was continued by architect Amvrosimov (till 1825). In 1846 while the main dome converging a part of the temple collapsed. The same thing happened to the cathedral’s second variant, constructed after the project by architect I.O. Valprede.

M.I. Platov Monument

The first monument, erected in Novocherkassk, was monument to Matvey Ivanovich Platov, located in the central part of the town, in front of the Ataman’s Palace in the Ataman's Garden. The monument erection was dedicated to Novocherkassk founder Ataman M.I. Platov’s 100th anniversary; the construction was initiated by the Don Cossack Army Ataman M.G. Vlasov, who decided to establish the worthy memorabilia to the legendary Ataman Platov.

Monument to the legendary Cossack Ermak

The second monument erected in Novocherkassk was dedicated to the Don Cossack Ataman, the Siberia conqueror Ermak. The monument remained till present without any reconstructions and restorations, and has become the trademark of the town. The Don Cossacks dreamt of erecting the monument in Novocherkassk to the legendary country-man since Don Cossack Army 300th anniversary (1870). But the local citizens’ donations were scarce, due to multiple military campaigns.

Barrow of Glory

Despite the fact that there were practically no burials of soldiers, killed during the Great Patriotic war within the site, the Barrow of Glory remained for many years the memorial place of grief.

The Novocherkassk Museum of Don Cossacks History

The Museum of Don Cossacks History is one of the oldest museums in the South of Russia. It was opened owing to “the Don old times fancy” initiative, November 22, 1899. The museum’s first director was Khariton Ivanovich Popov. The building was constructed especially for the museum purposes by the academic of architecture A. Yatshenko’s project.

Equestrian Monument to M.I. Platov

Another bronze monument to M.I. Platov, this time the equestrian one, that is more natural for the legendary Cossack Hero, was erected in Novocherkassk at the central avenue, named after him as Platovsky, in front of the Army Assumption Cathedral on August 23, 2003.

Franz Pavlovich De Volan Monument

The monument to Franz Pavlovich De Volan, who made the town of Novocherkassk project in 1804, was grandly opened on June 6, 2003, the day before the town’s anniversary celebration. The monument was placed at the Platovsky Avenue, between the Museum of Don Cossack history and the Novocherkassk military signal institute.

Monument to Yuri Gagarin

Gagarin Yuri Alekseevich (1934 - 1968), the USSR cosmonaut, colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union (1961), USSR space-pilot (1961), member of the USSR communist party since 1960. The first man to fly into outer space. The monuments to Gagarin were erected in Moscow, town of Gagarin, Zvezdny, Sofia; there is his house-museum in town of Gagarin.

Monument to the Caucasus campaigns Hero General Baklanov

The legendary Caucasus campaigns hero Don Cossack lieutenant-general Yakov Petrovich Baklanov spent the last years of his life far away from the Don land, in St. Petersburg. Poverty and diseases led to the glorious Cossack warrior death on October 18, 1873. Y.P. Baklanov's funeral was paid by the "grateful Don Cossack Army"; he was buried in St. Petersburg Convent of the Ascension cemetery.

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